What we do

Integrated solutions

Individual services or all the services you need integrated into one comprehensive solution.

Here at Smart Solutions we believe in offering expert allied health services as well as providing access to the right mix of services as required. Every person is unique and has specific and varying needs.

In our experience, the best results come about through a team approach as each discipline shares their knowledge and expertise with each other and with the people that they look after.

Some of the ways that we use an integrated approach to optimise health and wellness include:

  • Assistance with managing stress and things that worry you
  • Providing training on eating well and having good nutrition
  • Assisting you to walk well
  • Ensuring you having the right equipment and a supportive environment to allow you to lead the life you want to lead
  • Providing physical treatment of the problem
  • Training in strategies and techniques to overcome difficulties or barriers to independence
  • Following up on medical issues and medications
services diagram