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Assistive Touch

Assistive Technology, Independence and Inclusion

By Smart Solutions | October 9, 2020

What is Assistive Technology? Assistive Technology (AT) can constitute an integral part of the support framework that helps people living with a disability realise their potential. AT generally incorporates any equipment, system or design that assists a person with a disability to navigate their home, workplace, school, or community, and to undertake tasks and achieve…

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Home Mods Final

Home Modifications Increase Independence and Improve Quality of Life

By Smart Solutions | September 25, 2020

A new perspective on caregiving The importance of home modifications for people living with a disability lies in the potential for these changes to reduce the need for caregiving, and thereby increase independence. When we think about caregiving, we often perceive it to be human-to-human interaction, but new research describes the significance of housing within…

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Physio SCI Blog Image

Spotlight on Spine Injuries

By Smart Solutions | September 16, 2020

The Role of Physiotherapy in Retaining Independence After SCI Last week (7th to 13th September) was Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week, with this year’s focus highlighting the importance of accessibility in ensuring opportunities for people with a spinal cord injury. The spinal cord is a complex bundle of nerves responsible for sending brain signals to…

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Blog Banner Covid Practice B

COVID-Safe Practice Update

By Smart Solutions | August 7, 2020

SSRG Current Review As we know, the COVID-19 situation in Victoria has sadly taken a turn for the worse this past fortnight as well as QLD once again recording cases for the first time in over 6 weeks. This has certainly given us reason for ‘pause’ and we have taken some time this week to…

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Blog Banner Wheelchair

5 keeping active health tips

By Smart Solutions | July 10, 2020

5 tips to keep active for good health QUESTION: What’s the common denominator amongst these typical activities that occur during most people’s day to day life? Watching an episode on Netflix. Writing an email to a friend or colleague. Reading a book. ANSWER: All of these activities are considered to be ‘sedentary’ behaviours! Sedentary behaviour…

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SSRG 5th Birthday

Media Release: Our Fifth Birthday Celebrations

By Smart Solutions | May 28, 2020

Fifth Birthday Celebrations with a Twist From four to forty staff in just five years – Regina Heffernan has much to celebrate this week as her business, Smart Solutions Rehab Group (SSRG) has a birthday of a different kind and goes from strength to strength even under incredibly challenging times. ‘Drive-through’ celebrations are expected to…

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Blog Banner COVID 19

COVID-19 plans

By Smart Solutions | March 16, 2020

Our COVID-19 Response Plan Smart Solutions Rehab Group (SSRG) takes the current COVID-19 health situation incredibly seriously and as such has developed a response plan that clearly details how we are dedicated to supporting and maintaining our client’s health whilst doing our part in slowing down the spread of the virus. The following information is…

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By Smart Solutions | March 13, 2020

Do you know the SMART approach to rehab? SMART goals is an evidence-based goal setting practice used by many health professionals to guide their clinical work. In a nutshell, SMART goals helps individuals to identify goals they want to achieve and assists in working out a realistic plan for getting there. SMART stands for: S…

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NDIS Banner 1

New NDIS Service Areas

By Smart Solutions | March 3, 2020

NDIS Service Areas Launch in Brisbane Smart Solutions Rehab Group are excited to announce we are now servicing NDIS participants in the Redland Bay and Bayside suburbs of Brisbane.  This extends our existing coverage of the Northern Brisbane suburbs and Moreton Region, the Sunshine Coast and surrounds and further north to Hervey Bay. After 17…

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Diabetes Day

By Smart Solutions | November 14, 2019

World Diabetes Day – Occupational Therapy What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a chronic disease associated with abnormally high levels of sugar glucose in the blood.  This occurs when the pancreas does not provide adequate insulin (a hormone that regulates blood sugar), or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. There are 3…

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