Assistive technology

Customised equipment prescription involves the precise application of scientific principles to ensure that a piece of equipment is going to meet individual need.

Equipment prescription can involve prescription of items to support functioning such as:

  • Wheelchairs - manual and powerdrive
  • Scooters
  • Shower chairs - static and mobile
  • Toilet chairs and supports
  • General assistive devices - reachers, dressing aids, cutlery,
  • Technology - tablets, phones and other devices
  • Pressure cushions and pressure mattress
  • Electric beds
  • Electric recliner chairs
  • Hoists

Our Occupational Therapists have a thorough knowledge base of the associated government schemes which provide funding towards some of these items:

We also have close relationships with a number of medical aids and equipment suppliers across the coast and can provide advice, education and comparisons on various products.

Bathroom & Toilet

Manual Wheelchairs

Transfer Aids

Walking Aids