Education and training

General Training

Education and training services for individuals, group, residential care facilities and community organisations on topics related to healthcare, safety, independence and well being are available as requested.


Manual Handling

Smart Solutions Rehab Group offers a structured Manual Handling education program complete with competency assessment signed off by one our qualified Occupational Therapists/Physiotherapists.

Manual handling refers to any workplace activity where an item/person is physically moved, supported or restrained at a workplace. Specifically, manual handling refers to workplace activities requiring the use of force exerted by a worker to hold, support, transfer (lift, lower, carry, push, pull, slide) or restrain an item/person at a workplace.

In the home care industry where workers are providing services to frail/aged or older people or people with a disability, injury is unfortunately common. The majority of these injuries are sprains and strains (known as musculoskeletal injuries) however no injury is ever a welcome experience! The good news is, is that most of these injuries are preventable.

The aim of our Manual Handling training is to:

  • Develop awareness of activities that can cause injury
  • Develop ability to identify risks and understand ways of managing those risks
  • Develop an awareness of the importance of personal posture, fitness and positioning
  • Understand principles of ‘safe lift’
  • Understand how to apply back care principles in ‘people handling’ tasks
  • Understand how to apply back care principles in practical tasks

Practical demonstrations are also provided in relation to:

  • Assisted ambulation – with and without walking aids
  • Assisted transfers – seat, bed, car
  • Equipment usage – standing and sling hoist

Our Manual Handling training is run on an ‘on demand’ basis. The education class is 2 hours in length in total and includes light refreshments.

If you would like to register your organisation or your staff for a Manual Handling training session, please contact us on 1300 729 190 or register on our group registration form. For further information and pricing please refer to the pricing schedule.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting with your Manual Handling training needs!