Rehabilitation services

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is the process of restoring the ability to engage in previously completed activities or to improve condition after an injury or medical event. It is about restoring lost skills, increasing strength and endurance and maximising independence. It can also be about compensating for lost skills through the use of equipment, modifications  and/or alternative techniques. The process occurs through the active engagement in goal orientated therapy and training with a trained clinician.

What are the specific approaches used to achieve my goals?

There are a number of approaches but primarily they will fall under the following headings:

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What types of goals can I work on?

There are a range of goals that people work on during rehabilitation including:

  • Return to personal care activities
  • Return to domestic task and household maintenance
  • Return to community activities
  • Return to work, voluntary or civic duties
  • Return to driving
  • Return to leisure activities

How long does rehabilitation take?

Rehabilitation can take weeks to months depending on individual goals and abilities. Smart Solutions Rehab Group will work closely with you to establish your goals at the commencement of the process and will ensure that these are then ‘staged’ into manageable and achievable steps.

Is funding available?

There are a number of QLD health funded programs running on the Sunshine Coast to support in home rehabilitation processes. Google for more information or ask your GP. Other funding may also be available through:

  • Medicare’s Enhanced Primary Care Program - every individual with a chronic disease (regardless of age) is eligible to received 5 x subsidised services through the EPC. EPC’s are available from your GP.
  • Private Health Insurance (Extras) - many people have private health insurance that include extra’s which can be used for Allied Health services. Ask your insurer about what you are eligible for and the funding thresholds.

Smart Solutions Rehab Group also sees clients through Suncorp, DVA and TAC