1. How long will the Initial Consultation take?
    Usually your first consultation will take up to 60-90 minutes. This will vary on a case by case basis but usually this amount of time is required for the clinician to start to get to know you and your needs.
  2. Can I choose the mix of services that I believe will benefit me the most?
    In conjunction with your clinician, you will be able to discuss which services you believe you would benefit from the most and then your care plan can be customised accordingly.
  3. How often will I need treatment or attend services?
    This will depend on your individual requirements. Some clients may only need to attend a few times to start to see changes and their goals being met. Others will have more extensive long range goals which may involve more intensive consults over an extended period of time.
  4. What is an example of an integrated solution?
    • The right shoes so you can walk well (Podiatry)
    • The right exercise to reduce pain and imbalance (Physiotherapy)
    • The right equipment to support your mobility and independence (Occupational Therapy)
    • The right strategies to deal with stress, fears, worry and anxiety (Social Worker)
    • The right foods to support your energy levels (Dietitian)
    • More details on the About us page