Specialising in Allied Health services for NDIS participants across Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Fraser Coast and Brisbane. Home visits, clinic and telehealth available.

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Telehealth can include a range of activities including video calls, voice calls, emails, sharing of documents and pictures, use of youtube or other electronic games or media.  Register today for a free telehealth trial and our friendly team will organise the next available appointment for you to try this fun and creative way of interacting with your therapist!

Smart Solutions Rehab Group (SSRG) takes the current COVID-19 health situation incredibly seriously and as such has developed a response plan that clearly details how we are dedicated to supporting and maintaining our client’s health whilst doing our part in slowing down the spread of the virus. See more about our response plan and how we are protecting our community.

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Fragile X Syndrome

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Spine injuries

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Cognitive Impairment

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Power Wheelchair

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Wheelchair Scripting

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Muscular Dystrophy

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Pressure Care

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Global MND Awareness Day

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Home Modifications

Home Modifications

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Multiple Sclerosis

World MS Day

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Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention

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